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The Trustees thank everyone who took the time and effort to submit nominations. The review process will take place over the next 3 weeks. The 23rd annual Steve Lowenstein Award is scheduled to be presented at Portland City Council December 3rd, 2014.

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2013 Trust Awardee

Sandra Guyot, volunteer with the Golden Harvesters Inc, was presented with the 22nd Annual Steve Lowenstein Award at Portland City Council, December 18th 2013.
Trust board member Art Alexander, Comm. Steve Novick, Comm. Amanda Fritz, Mayor Charlie Hales, Sandra Guyot, Trust board member Joe Hertzberg, Comm. Nick Fish, Comm. Dan Saltzman.

The board of the
Lowenstein Trust is proud to have selected Sandra Guyot, as the recipient of the 2013 Lowenstein Trust Award. First presented in 1992, this annual award is given to a nominee who has demonstrated, in the judgment of the Trustees, a significant personal contribution to assisting the underserved in the City of Portland.

Since 2004, Sandra Guyot, has dedicated herself to the survival and growth of the Golden Harvesters Inc. non-profit program, assisting senior, low income and disabled members of the Portland community.  Located at 8100 N. Lombard, Portland OR 97203, (503)-286-0750,
Golden Harvesters Inc, assists people in need, by providing fresh food, as well as basic personal and home maintenance supplies.

Working with other committed volunteers, Sandra’s dedication to Golden Harvesters has literally kept the heat on, the doors open and a roof over the head of the organization.  Her untiring grant writing and volunteer organizing efforts in the face of crisis situations, have twice guided the program through unanticipated major relocations, as well as upgrades of the organization’s food refrigeration/storage capabilities.  Throughout both relocation processes, Sandra, and the volunteers at Golden Harvesters, strove to stay true to the organizations mission, by identifying facilities with good accessibility for people with disabilities and proximity to public transportation.

Sandra Guyot, remains inspired to address the recession driven upsurge of families and individuals experiencing serious financial difficulties. She continues to work with the other dedicated volunteers at Golden Harvesters, and hundreds of Portland families are grateful.  The Lowenstein Trust is proud to add Sandra Guyot to the list of award recipients.  In addition to recognition at City Council, Golden Harvesters received a cash award go $7,500.00 in Sandra’s name.

Photos: Mark Jolin


Steve Lowenstein was an inspiring model of public service. His sense of purpose, his integrity, and his perseverance inspired many who have worked on issues of human rights and social justice. He joined the Peace Corps after law school in the early 1960s and wrote a textbook on Ethiopian law. He worked in Washington DC for the Office of Economic Opportunity and in Chile for the Ford Foundation. He was founding Director of Oregon Legal Services, authored a groundbreaking history—The Jews of Oregon 1850-1950—and at the time of his death in 1990 had served for six years as Executive Assistant to former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg.

The Award -Steve liked most to have an impact from behind the scenes. His will established a board managed endowed trust fund for the Lowenstein Trust award with the following stipulation:

“The recipient of the Lowenstein Trust Award shall be that person who demonstrated (in the opinion of the Trustees) the greatest contribution to assisting the poor and underprivileged in the city of Portland, Oregon. Each year the recipient must be in need of these funds to help carry on his or her work and must use the award to further the type of work for which it was given.”

Art Alexander, Linda Dobson, Jamaal Folsom, Sandra Haefker, Michelle Harper, Margery Harris, Joe Hertzberg, Marc Jolin, Paul Kelly, Mike Lindberg, Ron Paul, David Thornburgh, Charles R. Williamson

Gretchen Kafoury, Chris Lowenstein, Lee Rosner, Bev Stein

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